Wednesday, January 13, 2010


it's 2010 and it's my first blog since when..

since im staying at home for a while, im currently waiting for a miracle work or i'll end up going to college. everyone is working part-time or in college. the truth is, i don't want to go to college..yet.. there's a lot of things that i planned to do this few months.

1. improve body image
2. reduce psychological stress
3. vanishing acne
4. grow longer hair
5. buy self help books
6. socialise
7. relax
8. driver's license
9. reduce stuttering
10. have fun before college starts
11. choose a career
12. be a better person
13. learn a new language
14. part-time work

you see, can u complete this in 2 months?
i don't know bout u, but i need time

Saturday, August 22, 2009

there is no such thing

After digging the truth behind films, i tried to study film critics and audiences, their perception on films, what do they want? what do they crave for?

I discovered there is no such thing as a crap movie.

Of course, u might not like the film, or such things like, poor cinematography, or bad audio, or ridiculous story lines, or flat dialogues or too slow. But the truth is some people like those kind of imperfections. To me, i crave for understatement, dry and dark comedies, that my friend's don't understand. To them it's boring and minimal, but to me, it's a whole lot more than just it. I don't enjoy most of CGI movies of today that most teenagers, young adults and children got to because why? because it's just not my kind of films anymore. And most people will go to this kind of movies because it's a heart-pumping experience that will leave you glued to your seat, dead speechless. I don't see that, but others do. So, does that make a film bad? or crap?

And recently, the much anticipated 'The Spirit' came out but it didn't get a positive review on most people and film critics. But there are people who enjoyed it.

so, watch films in your own perception, not others

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


i was seating down, drinking the best frappucino a guy could ever crave for,
caramel cream, with thick cream and cinnamon,
with a small tissue beside,
the smooth taste, the bitter chocolate, the sweet sugar,

she walked in, i didn't look,
she sat down in front of my place,
i looked down,
looking for more cream,
i looked at her,
glared for a few seconds,
steared at her face,

i stopped drinking,
laid my eyes on her,
with her brown, small-curled long hair,
looked, silky,
her face,
perfect curves, slim eyebrows,
as she was talking to the phone,
dimples on her smile,
her nose was perfect and small,
lips were not too plumped,
she looked like a hardcore kisser,

her shirt was not too tight, bright green, long sleeved,
breasts were perfectly aligned,
she wore long, casual pants,
with beach thongs, i like,
i was still trying to make an eye-contact with her,
she was still talking to the phone,
she bent down,
scratched her leg,
i was turned off..if u know what i mean..-.-

Saturday, August 8, 2009

im raw

walking by the seaside,
watching the sun comes up,
sitting on green covered rocks,
slippery but wet,
take a piece of rock,
throw it into the sea,
as it sink,
think of the past time,
cry if you want,
let it go,
let the breeze flow through your hair,
take of your clothes,
go for a swim,
let your skin soak in the salty sea,
swim till you wrinkle,
swim till you become tired,
then stop,
let yourself float,
close your eyes,

Sunday, July 26, 2009

i love u, mak long

Yasmin ahmad, or as i call her mak long. i want to write something about her, as she did about me. to me, she is the best aunt any guy could have. she is kind, caring, loving and soft-centered. she is a random person as i would say. always doin random jokes. she could find the simplest thing and still make it the best joke ever. in this photo, i was still a child. she would do this to me when i started throwing tantrums. if all fails, she would dance with me and i would stop. not only she's a random person, but also random in appearance. where else could u find someone who wears baju kurung with converse shoes? or pajamas to lunch with flip-flops or bata shoes?. she is just so raw and hip but sophisticated at the same time. i always ask her, "why do u where baju kurung with converse shoe? she will reply, "cause im cool!" i would smile after that. i love the way she laughs. it's so hysterical. she could turn a dull place with just her random jokes and laughs. she did that to me. when i was down or if was moody, she would make random jokes and laugh. i would do to. she was a firm, funny person. sometimes she likes to make faces, and asked me to do it, just so i would laugh because i was always quiet around her. but i could never do her funny faces. last time ,she used to call me peacock because my hair was so wild. she is very supportive to me. when my mum said that i wanted to do film making, like her. she said, "i believe u will be good in film making". i like to talk films with her, because i know that we have the same taste. i remembered when the sim card A.D.A.M. came out, i was 8, so i didn't have a clue who made it. after years past, my aunt told me that she made it, because of me. that's how much she loved me. she loved me until every birthday of mine, she would come, eventhough she had plans or if she was far off the country. last year, during my b'day she was in ipoh. she got the call and straight rushed to my house. she would buy me presents, eventhough i didn't ask for it. i look up to my aunt, and respected her of how she was, not how rich she was, or famous she was. eventhough people keep critisising her work and her personality, she will say, "i don't care about what they say behind my back". that's how cool she was. i always talk about her to my friends. how caring she was, how loving she was. she would pray every time to god, thanking for all that god gave her. when i heard the news from my cousin that she collasped, i thought it was just an ordinary passing out. but when i looked up in the internet, she was in a coma, with a life support system. my body began to feel cold, blood rushing to my veins. it was so sudden and things were happening so fast. i went to the hospital that night. i held her hand, and then kissed it, and tears began to run. i prayed hard for her. before this i remembered seeing her on my grandad's birthday, she asked me to try the morrocan prawn and then walking through shops. a week before she past away, she asked me to join my grandparents to celebrate my birthday. then i got the news that she had passed away, 35 minutes before my 17th birthday. when i came to the house, i burst into tears, remembering all the good memories we've been together. i touched her leg, rubbed it and said my prayers. while i was walking, ettiene and aryana consoled me. yana said that maklong was very proud of me, and can't stop talking about me, how i played the piano like a dream. it made me warm. when i went to the funeral, i gave my prayers, thk her for all the things she did to me, thk god for her, and said i love u so so much. she is the best aunt that i could ever had.thk u god for giving us a loving aunt, sister, daughter and friend. i love u so much mak long and we will dearly miss u. may Allah S.W.T. bless u. amin

Monday, July 20, 2009


hi, my name is adam. i am not a perfectionist. i take film making as a serious business, which i hope to do in the mere future. i listen to raw, unsophisticated and random tunes of music. i am a metrosexual, and im proud of it. i love doing different things, master those differences, and apply those differences.i just like to be different. i like to think impossible, with boundaries. sometimes i think to much as a result i couldn't think of it anymore, or could not explain and express my thoughts. i enjoy the dry humor of dark comedy. i love all my friends, eventhough they have hurt me in any kind of way, i''ll try my best to be myself. i love travelling, meet different kind of people, learn different languages. i am a simple kind of guy with complicated thoughts. nice to meet you..=)

banana republic

one day when i'm working, i'll buy somthing from banana republic. i just love their style. they have that dry, rich, beach kinda look which i have craved all this while. sadly, it cost a fortune for a simple shirt like that. when i buy the products, i think i'll frame it, to think why did i buy a 300 dollar t-shirt. i think i'll stick to topman, springfield and british india first.