Wednesday, January 13, 2010


it's 2010 and it's my first blog since when..

since im staying at home for a while, im currently waiting for a miracle work or i'll end up going to college. everyone is working part-time or in college. the truth is, i don't want to go to college..yet.. there's a lot of things that i planned to do this few months.

1. improve body image
2. reduce psychological stress
3. vanishing acne
4. grow longer hair
5. buy self help books
6. socialise
7. relax
8. driver's license
9. reduce stuttering
10. have fun before college starts
11. choose a career
12. be a better person
13. learn a new language
14. part-time work

you see, can u complete this in 2 months?
i don't know bout u, but i need time

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